Semalt: How Can I Get Known That My Computer Is A Botnet Zombie?

There are a large number of viruses, spyware, worms, adware, keyloggers, rootkits, Trojans, botnets, and backdoors that attack users' devices on a daily basis. While most of them can be destroyed using antivirus and anti-malware programs, but some are quite dangerous, and it becomes tough for us to protect our computers from them. Jason Adler, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, warns all internet users that malware like botnets and rootkits are the most dangerous forms, and it's almost impossible for us to prevent their arrival by the whole. The list of permutations of malicious programs and internet baddies is far beyond completion. Every webmaster and social media user has fallen a victim of botnet zombies and computer viruses in one way or the other.

Introduction to botnets

Botnets are tiny robots on the internet that allow outsiders like hackers and spammers to control your computer systems without your knowledge. Botnets are the networks of hundreds to thousands of devices infected with malware. Those devices communicate with one another through a particular server and aim to control a large number of new devices every day. Their purpose is to steal your data, hijack your device and take control of your payment information on the internet. A group of cybercriminals performs this task and is called botmasters. They attack your devices without your knowledge through their own linked computers and get your devices interconnected with a rogue network. Later on, this network can be utilized for a large number of nefarious activities. Hackers and spammers use a variety of botnets to accomplish their different tasks on the internet. Their main objective is to know everything about your system, but they might be interested in transferring your money from one bank to another.

PC become a zombie computer

If your device is out of your control and is performing its functions with the instructions of someone else, then there are chances that a botnet zombie has attacked your computer. One of the ways your device becomes infected is the installation of malicious software. If you have recently downloaded and installed antivirus software, then you should investigate a little about its source. You should try to evaluate if you downloaded it from a legitimate site or a strange platform. You should never download any program or game without knowing its source. It is also important to verify the files and programs you download. Avoid clicking on the links that are sent to you in emails. Plus, you should never open infected attachments of the emails and should not connect to suspicious and unknown WiFi networks.

Trojan botnet codes are frequently hidden in the email attachments. If you receive such an email stating that you are about to open an excel file, a word document or jpg file, you should investigate it thoroughly. Instead, you should only delete that email and scan your computer system as soon as possible.

Detecting botnet infections in your device

You can detect botnet infections if your computer gets slowed or stops responding to your commands once or twice a day. If your network and internet connections are slow, then your device might be at risk. If your computer did not open a particular file or website even when you restarted it twice or thrice, then there are chances that botnet zombies have infected it.